This Month in Previews: February 2018

Welcome to This Month in Previews – where members of The Crew call out the items they’re most looking forward to in comic book shops this April 2018.

Each month members of The Crew gather for This Month in Previews. During this YouTube Live-Stream Event, we discuss the books coming out two months down the road in comic book shops every where. This month brings…

This Month in Previews: February 2018

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Comics in Film & TV: Spring 2018

The Crew return for the Read A Comic Podcast #089! Listen in as we share our favorite comic book “stuff” and talk this week’s topic: Comics in Film & TV: Spring 2018!

Welcome to the 89th episode of the Read A Comic Podcast! Alec, Mitch, Phil, and Randy welcome guest-panelist Jay, then share some recent favorites, and talk all about what’s in store this Spring in the world of Comics in Film and TV!

SPOILERS ensue – so check the Episode Index after the fold, then settle in for…

Comics in Film & TV: Spring 2018 – Read A Comic Podcast #089

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