Ballot: Favorite Comics of 2017

Help out the Read A Comic Crew and promote your favorite comics – submit your ballot for our 4th annual Best Comics of 2017 show!

Vote for your Best Comics of 2017

The Read A Comic Crew are preparing for our 4th Annual year-end wrap-up. We call it our Favorite Comics of 2017 show.

Here’s how to submit your Favorite Comics of 2017 for inclusion on our January 22nd episode!

Submit your favorites in Two Easy Steps

  1. Create Your List – Look over the ballot below and prepare a nomination for each category of interest (you can pass on categories you aren’t interested in).
  2. Share Your Nominations  (2 methods):

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Your Ballot: Favorite Comics of 2017

  1. Favorite New Ongoing Comic Book Series – First issue released in 2017.
  2. Favorite Returning Ongoing Comic Book Series  – First issue released PRE-2017
  3. Favorite Limited Series – Between 2-12 issues. First issue released in 2017
  4. Favorite One-Shot Comic – Stand-alone one-and-done comic book – not part of a regular series – released in 2017
  5. Favorite Single Issue of a Comic – Your favorite single issue of a comic this year.
  6. Favorite Original Graphic Novel (OGN) – An original story. First published in TPB/HC format. Not a reprint or collection.
  7. Favorite Collected Edition – Your favorite TPB/HC collecting material originally published elsewhere. Collection released in 2017.
  8. Favorite Writer – Name your favorite writer this year, and list examples of their work from 2017.
  9. Favorite Artist/Art Team – Name your favorite Artist/Team this year, and list examples of their work from 2017.
  10. Favorite Publisher – Name your favorite Publisher of 2017 and say a little about why.
  11. Favorite Comic-Based Movie – Premiering in 2017.
  12. Favorite New Comic-Based TV Show – Premiering in 2017.
  13. Favorite Returning Comic-Based TV Show – Returned for a 2nd (or higher) season in 2017.

Thanks for sharing!

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