Comics 101 Part 3 (of 3)

Comics 101 Part 3 concludes the perfect primer designed for curious newcomers to comics who want to learn more about the hobby and seek some friendly guidance.

Comics 101 #3 (of 3)

The Read a Comic Crew come together for Comics 101 Part 3 – the third of three special episodes of the Read A Comic Podcast.

The Comics 101 series is designed for the curious newcomer to comics – who wants to learn more, and could maybe use a little guidance.

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Comics 101 Part 3 (of 3)

0:00:01 Introductions – Panelists Ashlie, Mitch, Alec, Jason, and Randy join Phil your host to discuss…

0:01:10 “Customizing” Your Collection, 0:04:10 What To Do With Old Comics? 0:06:00 Organizing Your Collection, 0:07:20 Comic Values, 0:12:45 Donating Comics, 0:13:20 Selling Your Comics, 0:15:40 Closing Thoughts.

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