Comics 101

Welcome to Comics 101! This special three-part audio series is designed for the curious newcomer to comics.

Are you new to the hobby and want a guided tour of its ins, outs, and possibilities? Maybe you’re a long-time collector looking for a good resource to send your “unenlightened” friends to?

Comics 101 is a well-rounded primer for those new to comics, and provides the framework for exploring an exciting hobby that can last a lifetime!

Note: These segments were originally released as an episode of the Read A Comic Podcast. The links below take you to each episode’s page.

Part One

Part One talking points:

  • Your First Comic
  • Why Comics?
  • Introducing Comics 101
  • Our Golden Rules of Comics
  • Finding Comics Without a Comic Shop
  • Finding a Comic Shop Near You
  • What Makes A Good Comic Shop?
  • When Is New Comic Book Day?
  • Publishers – Marvel and DC
  • Why Superheroes?
  • Publishers – Image Comics
  • Publishers – Dark Horse, IDW, and Boom! Studios
  • Finding Comics YOU Will Like
  • Experimenting on a Budget

Listen to Part One

Part Two

Part Two talking points:

  • Life Cycle of a Comic Book
  • Back Issues
  • Helpful Terms
  • Late Books and Canceled Titles
  • Collected Editions
  • OGNs, Collections, Trades, and Hardcovers
  • Collections vs. Single Issues
  • Collector or Reader – How Do You Know?
  • Recognizing Hype
  • Condition
  • Comic Book Storage
  • Tracking Your Collection
  • Pull Lists
  • HONOR Your Pull List
  • Favorite Online Retailers
  • Online Subscription Services

Listen to Part Two

Part Three

Part Three talking points:

  • “Customizing” Your Collection
  • What To Do With Old Comics?
  • Organizing Your Collection
  • Comic Values
  • Donating Comics
  • Selling Your Comics
  • Closing Thoughts

Listen to Part Three

Want even more? Check out our page of Comic Book Resources – featuring many of the sites and services mentioned in the show.

Since we may revisit/update our program from time to time, we’d love to hear your feedback. Contact Us with any comments, questions, and constructive criticism.

Here’s to good comics!