Comics Catch-Up – April 2017

Brand new to comic books? Looking to try something new? Comics Catch-Up highlights the best jumping-on points for comics hitting the racks this April, 2017.

Comics Catch-Up 04-2017

Comics can be a confusing and expensive hobby, particularly when you’re a new reader, or someone looking to get into the hobby. In Comics Catch-Up, I try to point out books that are both a good value, and a good place to start for new readers.

As always, the best way to get into comics is to just pick up a comic, any comic, and start reading. However, if you want some advice, what follows is a list of some convenient places to start reading, or get caught up…

Comics Catch-Up: Dark Horse Comics

Aliens Dead Orbit #1

Aliens Dead Orbit #1 coverA brand new Aliens mini-series begins! Acclaimed creator James Stokoe pens a thrilling and claustrophobic Aliens story. $3.99

Filed Under: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller

Comics Catch-Up: DC Comics

Action Comics #977

Action Comics #977 coverThe New World story-line begins here! This story sets the stage for a new history and origin story for The Man of Steel. A good place to jump on board the new Superman as they retell and reboot the last few years of continuity. $2.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Drama, Continuity

Batman The Shadow of the Bat #1 (of 6)

Start of a brand new mini series that pits two of history’s greatest vigilantes against one another in a dark and twisty modern noir thriller! No prior reading necessary. $3.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Noir, Thriller

Supergirl TP Vol 01 Reign of the Cyborg Supermen (Rebirth)

Supergirl TP Vol 01 Reign of the Cyborg Supermen coverCatch up on the first Rebirth story-line from Supergirl. Not a tie-in to the TV series, but many of the characters and themes will be familiar to fans of the show. $16.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Action, Young Adult

Superman (2016) #20

Superman (2016) #20 coverAn excellent place to start for all things Superman. This issue is the start of a new story-line that will tie into many things happening in all the other DC Comics titles. Also, Batman, Robin, Lois Lane & Superboy! $2.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Action, Mystery

Comics Catch-Up: Image Comics

Image Firsts: Monstress #1

Image Firsts Monstress #1 coverImage comics reprints several of its most popular #1 issues for $1 or $2, so these “Image Firsts” are a less expensive way to pick up a first issue and see if you want to explore the series as a whole. Monstress is a mystical thrill-ride with gorgeous art and mature themes. Racism, war, and religious zealotry are all explored via a robust fantasy setting and the story of one rage-filled girl whose aim seems to be an end to all things. $1.99

Filed Under: Fantasy, Adventure, Mature Themes

Comics Catch-Up: Marvel Comics

Nick Fury #1

Nick Fury (2017) #1 coverThe return of Nick Fury to the marvel Universe means things are about to get 100% more bad-ass. Fans of the Marvel movies starring Samuel L. Jackson might want to jump on board and see what the world’s #1 spy is planning for his big return. $3.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Action, Mystery

Secret Empire #0 (of 9)

Secret Empire #0 coverHave you heard that Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) is now in charge of Hydra? Well, now that he’s secured his place as top villain in the MCU, see how the former Sentinel of Liberty plans to rule the world. Jump on board the latest, and possibly last for a while, big event comic from Marvel. $4.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Action, Event

X-Men Blue #1

X-Men Blue #2 coverMarvel is relaunching all of its X-Men titles with new #1 issues that will get you up to speed with the state of the Mutants and the various X-Teams. The Blue team consists of the young versions of the original X-Men brought into the future by Hank McCoy. These time-displaced teens have adjusted to life in the future and are now ready to resume their heroic ways with Jean Grey leading the team. $4.99

Filed Under: Superhero, Action, Young Adult

True Believers: Giant-Size X-Men #1

True Believers Giant-Size X-Men #1 coverIn celebration of Marvel’s relaunch of the X-Men, several classic issues are being reprinted for only $1. The “True Believers” line is a great and inexpensive way to appreciate the history of the X-Men and educate yourself on some their classic adventures. $1.00

Filed Under: Superhero, Action, Required Reading

Comics Catch-Up: Titan Comics

Dark Souls Tales of Ember #1 (of 2)

Dark Souls Tales of Ember #1 coverThere are many video game tie-in comics these days, but Dark Souls is the best of the bunch. If you’re a fan of the dark and mysterious lore of the Dark Souls video game, or if you’re just a fan of Grimm fairy tales, then this collection of short stories set in the video game universe will thrill and delight. $3.99

Filed Under: Video Games, Horror, Anthology

The suggestions above are a mere sampling of the hundreds of titles arriving in stores each week, but I hope something here caught your attention.

Did I miss a good jumping-on point for an April title? Share your own Comics Catch-Up titles in the comments!

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Mitch has been reading comics since he was 13 years old and his dad brought home a stack of Captain America comics from a garage sale. He’s collected Captain America comics old and new ever since, and still thinks of the Star Spangled Avenger as his personal role model.

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