Comics On Radar: Sep 09, 2017

Peter Milligan’s Kid Lobotomy, all kinds of Cosplay Contest winners, an an 80’s TV Reboot in this week’s Comics On Radar.

Comics On Radar 09-09-2017

Welcome to Comics on Radar, where I summarize the comics-related items that caught my on the interwebs over the past week. And now…

Comics on Radar: Sep 09, 2017

Not many blips on my radar until late in the week. None the less…

Kid Lobotomy #1 coverEvery Bit Helps Dept.

As a long time fan of Peter Milligan, my ears perked up when Bleeding Cool instructed we Go Pre-Order Peter Milligan’s Kid Lobotomy #1 Because He Just Had A Seizure.

Having already pre-ordered Kid Lobotomy AND its variant, I’ll pass this on (and urge you to do so), wish Mr. Milligan the best, and recommend people also keep their eye on IDW’s upcoming Black Crown imprint in general.

Cosplay Dept.

I’ve only recently come to appreciate the skill, enthusiasm, and end results of those whose passion is cosplay. We recently had the opportunity to cover Captital Citiy Comic Con’s 2017 Cosplay Contest and I had a good time watching the HUGE variety of characters walking past our booth all day.

Additionally, since Alec from the show is such a fan, CBR’s Gwenvious: 15 Spider-Gwen Cosplays That Will Tingle Your Spider-Sense couldn’t have come at a better time for inclusion here.

Greatest American HeroNostalgic Reboots Dept.

Though I don’t remember too many details, I DO remember William Kat on my TV screen in the evenings as ABCs Greatest American Hero in the early 80’s.

Guess what? It’s coming back, and with a twist, as reported in MSN’s The Greatest American Hero Reboot – With Female Lead – Gets Big ABC Commitment.

Room For Improvement Dept.

We may have been podcasting for a bit, but the Read A Comic site sees us branching into some new territory. Talking about comics is one thing, but writing about them is something else entirely.

Pipline Comics has appeared On Radar before, and once again Mr. De Blieck Jr. hits the mark with his timely article entitled Comics Reviewers Should Try Making Comics.

I look forward to honing my skills sir!

That’s it for this week. Until next time – here’s to good comics!

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Phil’s been reading comics since 1979 when a copy of Marvel’s John Carter Warlord of Mars got him hooked. Too many collections and long boxes later, he now produces podcasts and tinkers on web sites.

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