Read A Comic Crew

Read a Comic is a volunteer effort and labor of love led by The Crew – a group of individuals from the Mid-Michigan area who’s goals are simple – to promote the medium of comics, the joys of graphic storytelling, and to provide solid resources for newcomers to the hobby.

The Read a Comic Crew

The Crew: JasonJASON – Jason’s torrent love affair with comics rekindled in the early 21st century when the independent & small press world of artists caught his fancy. He now tries, and mostly fails, at convincing listeners which titles in Previews are worth a dog ear. A warmhearted Libra, comic favorites include Island, Trees, Tokyo Ghost, Empowered, and anything by the baby angel hands of Mark Pearce.

The Crew: MitchMITCH – Mitch has been reading comics since he was 13 years old and his dad brought home a stack of Captain America comics from a garage sale. He’s collected Captain America comics old and new ever since and still thinks of the Star Spangled Avenger as his personal role model. His recent favorites are Saga, Thor: God of Thunder, and Grace Randolph’s Supurbia. When he’s not busy being a panelist on the Read A Comic Podcast, you can find him at his own site – Also look for Zebu Nation on Twitter and Zebu Nation on YouTube!

The Crew: PhilPHIL – Phil’s been reading comics since 1979 when a copy of Marvel’s John Carter Warlord of Mars got him hooked. Too many collections and long boxes later, his current favorite comic titles include Black Hammer, The Wild Storm, and Paper Girls. His all-time favorites include Miracleman, Wildcats 3.0, Planetary, and Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing. When he’s not reading comics, Phil tinkers in WordPress, produces a podcast you may have heard of, can be found in Discord, and may or may not have over 6800 hours of Team Fortress 2 under his belt.

The Crew: RafaelRAFAEL – Rafael G. Revilla was designed in a secret underground military base as the worlds ultimate super soldier… but then found out about comics, and the internet, and hasn’t gotten much exercise since then. An avid fan of all things comics and Sci-Fi since his initial escape, Rafael can often be found perusing the local comic shop or searching for new and exciting sushi restaurants in his hometown of Lansing. To summon Rafael, simply say his name in the mirror 3 times backwards – we hear he gives piggy back rides.

The Crew: RandyRANDY – Randy was bitten by the comic bug when his dad brought home the 1990’s X-Men run of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont. That – coupled with the X-Men animated cartoon – made him a fan for life. When he’s not busy collecting and reading comics, you can catch him at his day-job as a Digital Media Producer at Cheeney Media Concepts, and as a photographer/filmmaker at his own company, Silentflick Productions. You can check out the action at Also, if you didn’t know, he reads X-Men. Check out his show I Read X-Men and follow him on twitter @ireadxmen.

Reserve Roster

We don’t all get to kick back in front of a mic. Though we still keep in touch, these Crew members are currently out on patrol and are currently unable to join us:

The Crew: AlecALEC – Alec used to be the world’s angriest child. Then one day his mother bought him his first comic – The Mighty Thor Annual #14. After that, everything changed. Well, not everything – Alec’s still angry. Alec’s still angry but he has learned to control his rage with the art form known as comic books. He’s also been active in the Lansing comics community for the last 17 years, with several of those years as the store manager of the neighborhood LCS. Even away from the comic hobby, he still manages to engage in a bevy of typical nerd activities like pen and paper RPGs, Magic: The Gathering, memes, and video gaming (mostly PC gaming). He will take time out of his busy days though to correct people on the internet and let people know why their opinions are wrong.  To join in said-wisdom or to look at meme re-posts, look for Alec as ProfCounterflux on Instagram, and and ProfCounterflux on twitter.

The Crew: AshlieASHLIE – Comics had been an on-again, off-again hobby since Ashlie was eight. Something she’d do, walk away from, then inevitably find her way back to time, and time again when something peaked her interest. Sure some things changed – but the constant draw was horror! Horror – the thing that would draw her back again and again. Now, thanks to a resurgence in horror comics ushered in by Steve Nile’s 30 Days Of Night, Ashlie’s here to stay. Ashlie also enjoys art, video games, things way too cute to exist, horror movies, and reading regular ol’ books… or any combination of the above. Watch for Ashlie as she barely pays attention as both taxidermyrictus on Tumblr, and taxidermyrictus on Twitter.

The Crew - JayJay – Jay found out he was a mutant at 13 but instead of developing a healing factor or telekinesis, he received a genetic neuromuscular condition. Oh well. At least he didn’t wind up like Callisto! Comics have been a presence in his life ever since – with favorites including X-Men, Watchmen, D4ve, and anything involving Warren Ellis. You’ll find Jay in an exceptionally good mood the first week of each month when new titles are added to Comixology Unlimited. When he isn’t reading comics, you’ll find Jay reading military Sci-Fi, making his smart home smarter, tinkering with 3D printers, fishing, or 3D printing stuff for fishing!

The Crew: RubenRUBEN – Ruben is a stereotypical 20 something nerd turned family man who jumped onto the comic bandwagon after the first Avengers movie back in 2012 – and he’s been hooked ever since! A Marvel fanboy, his favorites are often the street level heroes such as Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, and his all-time favorite Moon Knight. Comics are only one of his many hobbies though, and he can often be found buying way too many action figures or dice for Dungeons and Dragons. He also considers himself a video game aficionado, and is one third of the internet group the 8-bit Ramblers on YouTube. You can find him as MonoChrome_Rail on Twitter.