Favorite Scary Comics (2018)

The Crew return for Read A Comic Podcast #104! Halloween is in the air so we sit down for our annual look at our Favorite Scary Comics!

Read A Comic Podcast Episode 104

Read A Comic Podcast #104 – featuring Alec, Ashlie, Mitch, Rafael, and Phil Your Host. SPOILERS ensue – so check our Show Notes after the fold!

Read A Comic Podcast #104 Episode Index

0:00:01 Introductions, 0:00:30 Panelist Poll, 0:02:20 Comic Shop Banter includes Marvel dismissing Chuck Wendig, Walking Dead ratings, Avengers 4 trailer leak, Lex Luthor comes to the CW’s Supergirl, and Daredevil Season 3 is here, 0:18:30 Favorite Scary Comics (2018 Edition), 0:59:30 Last Minute Fun

Featured Comics

0:05:40 Adventure Time Season 11 #1 (BOOM!)
0:07:45 Shuri #1 (Marvel Comics)
0:19:05 Infidel (Image Comics)
0:19:55 A Walk Through Hell (Aftershock)
0:21:25 Saga of the Swamp Thing (DC/Vertigo)
0:24:30 Gideon Falls (Image Comics)
0:28:07 Cold Spots (Image Comics)
0:30:40 Spawn (Image Comics)
0:32:30 Regression (Image Comics)
0:34:40 Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men (Dark Horse)
0:37:30 John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction (Storm King Productions)
0:39:25 Aliens Omnibi (Dark Horse)
0:44:20 This Nightmare Kills Fascists (Kickstarter)
0:46:20 Hellblazer (Vertigo)
0:5:10 Monsters of the Imagination (Dopress Books)
0:52:50 The Crawling King (SBI Press)
0:55:00 Dark Horse Book of Horror (Dark Horse)
0:56:15 30 Days of Night (IDW)

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