This is how you prove yourself to be a real team player in your application

Ability to work in a team – hardly a job advertisement in which it is not required. Most companies today place just as much value on this as they do on hard technical knowledge. This makes this property a significant argument for job seekers. Therefore, you should know exactly how to formulate the ability to work in a team in your application. And how not.

What is the ability to work in a team?

The ability to work in a team is social competence and is, therefore, one of the six most important soft skills. Before you certify this quality in your application, you should know whether you actually have it.

This is the case when you can work well, consensually, and productively in a group. And above all with pleasure. Then it will be all the easier for you, for example:

  • To classify
  • To cooperate on an equal footing
  • To accept compromises
  • To accept criticism
  • To deal with differences of opinion objectively
  • To achieve a goal together with others
  • To share the success

Not everyone can take this for granted. Some see themselves as lone fighters who prefer to get along better and better alone at work. If you belong to this group, you should not expressly describe yourself as a team player in your application.

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Because sooner or later this false statement could lead you into the devil’s kitchen. If you turn out to be a stubborn loner in the course of your employment, this can have unpleasant consequences because you lied in your application or interview.

The alternative: You deal openly with your lack of teamwork and promise to remedy it. Because that is possible. Like some other soft skills, this ability can be learned and trained. There are even further training opportunities. Ask your (potential) employer if they can help you with this.

Good formulations for the ability to work in a team in the application

Assuming you are a born team player: How can you best sell this skill in your application? Certainly not by simply saying: “I am a team player.” More has to come if you want to convince an HR manager.

You now know what the ability to work in a team means (see above). Look in your vita for relevant experiences and activities that clearly show this. This can be both private and professional. It is important to present them convincingly to the recruiter. You can score, for example, as:

  • Member of a sports team

Whether football, volleyball or field hockey – the main thing is that you take part in a team sport. This can be an active role as a player or another, for example as a coach. In both cases, the ability to work in a team is a crucial requirement for mutual success. In the cover letter of your application you can formulate it as follows:

“I was a player for several years and later the captain of a soccer team. Today I train the youth of the club. I have had many successful seasons in both positions and won titles. I increasingly saw myself as a mediator between the various levels of the association.”

  • Member of an association

It doesn’t always have to be a sport. You can also justify your ability to work in a team with the (voluntary) activity in another association in the application. For example like this:

“I have been involved in an amateur choir since my youth. In the meantime, I also organize trips to gigs there and set out dates and the respective program in consultation with other members. I am therefore used to establishing consensus and calculating cost-effectively with our small budget.”

  • Participant in a project

Have you ever worked on a joint project with others? Or do you devote your free time to a charitable project? This is also a good argument to justify your ability to work in a team in the application. Like this:

“In our neighborhood, we are committed to environmental protection. For events on the topic, I share topics for content with others in the association. Together we think about the most suitable type of presentation. I am also part of the organization team for rubbish collection campaigns in our neighborhood and help plan the process.”

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Ability to work in a team in the application: What else matters

You must formulate your role in the respective team as specifically as possible and show what you are responsible for. Use your skills and competencies aggressively without overdoing it. And of course, these should match the requirements in the job advertisement. There are several forms of teamwork.

It also depends on the advertised position. When it comes to a position as a manager, very different skills are often required than those mentioned at the beginning. For example:

  • Defining common goals
  • Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees
  • Put together a team
  • Distribution of tasks
  • Self-reflection
  • Willingness to change course depending on the situation
  • Balancing properties

With a little thought, it is not that difficult to formulate the ability to work in a team in a cover letter for your application.

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