Love It Hate It: The Weeks #1’s (Aug 23, 2017)

Rank up to six of the week’s #1’s. Compare the two in the top and bottom position. Call it Love It Hate It for the week of Aug 23, 2017!

Love It Hate It 08-23-2017

The Love It Hate It Guidelines

Before I get into my very first column of Love It Hate It, and about the week’s #1 releases (as in – the first issue of a comic series, be it limited 1 of  X number, or ongoing), let me explain a little about how this will work:

  1. First – and this is probably the most important thing – I will only review a maximum of six comics a week (some weeks there might be fewer, like this week). So regardless of whether or not there are 15 #1 releases, I’ll only be looking at the six that are likely to be the most common.
    Note: As with every rule, this one is subject to be broken, but that’s the idea right now.
  2. I’m also all ears for suggestions. If you have a forthcoming #1 that you would like reviewed, let me know and I’ll cover it (within reason).
    Note: It’s not too likely I’ll be covering #1 releases of books like – say – GFT (Grimm Fairy Tales – Zenescope).
  3. If there is a one and two, there has to be a three, right? Hmm, oh, right. So the comics I choose to review – as well as the reviews themselves – are purely a reflection of my taste in comics, so please don’t get mad if my opinion is not yours.
    Note: Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments, but please no name calling, shaming, or otherwise just being rude. I’m not into rude, ever. We have enough rude in this world as it is.

Okay, with that said, let’s look at the six comics I read this week.

This Week’s Love It Hate It Contenders

Here are the #1’s I read this week, ranked in order from 1-5, with 1 being my favorite of the week. Keep in mind I will only be talking about #1 and #5 on the list.

  1. War Mother #1 – Valiant
  2. Nightwing: The New Order #1 (of 6) – DC
  3. Manhunter: Oversize Special #1 – DC
  4. Generations: The Mighty Thor, The Unworthy Thor #1 – DC
  5. Incidentals #1 – Lion Forge

So what is it about War Mother that makes it my #1 this week . . . to be honest, not much. And maybe Nightwing or Manhunter should really have this spot.

But if a new comics-reader picked up Nightwing, they would have sooooo many questions. Why are there no superheroes, What killed Batman, Why is Nightwing no longer Nightwing, and the list goes on, including Who is Jake’s mom and what powers did she have?

I know it’s hard for a #1 superhero comic to truly be a #1, unless of course, it’s a brand new hero, but all of those questions – as new reader – would have just turned me off.

As for Manhunter, I seriously considered making it my #1 this week simply for the nostalgia factor. The art is old school yet modern, and the creators made sure to give you plenty of content. However, the stories are also old school, and that’s what blew it for me. I think the story telling could have been so much better.

War Mother from Valiant

War Mother #1 coverNow that we know why those two comics didn’t make the top spot, let’s look at why War Mother, by Fred Can Lente (W), Stephen Segovia (A), and Elmer Santos (C).

First, it’s a woman-centered comic book, and I’m a big advocate for having more of these. However- it’s also a well-written story.

The title was enough to pull me in, but the things written, literally on her body, sold me. She is a “liberator, life giver, mother, and icon.” I mean, WOW. If that doesn’t pull you in, I’m not sure what would.

What’s not written on her body is “life taker,” which she also is (don’t want to give too much away). What’s also interesting is that she’s a mother in more ways than the traditional sense, which is what really sold me on the comic.

So the story is good, the writing is decent. I honestly expected a bit better from Fred Can Lente (W), but I expect it will pick up as the story continues.

What about the art? I’m not an art critic, so this is always harder for me to talk about. All I can really say is whether or not I found it appealing. With that said, my thoughts are the art is “meh.” It’s good – don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing that makes me think WOW, this is awesome!! It’s good, and I love the way the may character is drawn.

The colors are also vibrant and meaningful. So the comic is good. It’s not great, yet, nor mind blowing. It’s a comic that I’m interested in, but I’ll have to preview the second issue before deciding on whether or not to spend my money on it and invest more time in reading it.

Not what I had hoped for in my first Love It #1. Honestly, I don’t Love It, but of the five comics I read, it was the best for me.

Incidentals from Lion Forge

Incidentals #1 coverWith that said, I didn’t actually HATE Incidentals, by Joe Casey (W) and Larry Stroman (A), but of these five, it definitely is my least favorite.

My biggest issue for this comic . . . I felt lost. I never felt like I really knew what was happening throughout this comic, even when I got to the end.

I understand that #1’s are never going to be able to lay out the entire premise of the story in the first issue, but I shouldn’t get the end and feel like I really have little clue as to what is happening.

Though I might not have hated this comic, I certainly didn’t like it, and would not be the least bit tempted to pick up #2.

Until next time!

Love it Hate it banner photo by Pablo Garcia Saldaña on Unsplash

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