Love It Hate It: The Weeks #1’s (Sep 13 & 20, 2017)

Rank up to six of the week’s #1’s, then compare the two in the top and bottom position. We call it Love It Hate It for the weeks of Sep 13 & 20, 2017.

Love It Hate It 09-20-2017

Last week I was out of town and couldn’t pick up comics, so this week I’ve decided to look at some of last week’s #1 comics as well as this weeks. Therefore, I actually read 11 – yes count ’em, 11 – comics for this week’s Love It Hate It.

Let’s dig in.

This Week’s Love It Hate It Contenders

So this weeks Love It is:

  1. Sink (ComixTribe)
  2. Realm (Image)
  3. Wonder Woman/Conan (DC)
  4. Angelic (Image)
  5. Generations: Ms. Marvel (Marvel)
  6. Gasolina (Image)
  7. The Evil Within: The Interlude (Titan Comics)
  8. The Librarians (Dynamite)
  9. Retcon (Image)
  10. Mr. Crypt (Alterna Comics)
  11. Dark Ark (After Shock)

LOVE IT: Sink #1 from ComixTribe

Sink #1 coverI was honestly unsure about this comic by John Lees (W) and Alex Cormack (A), but it was recommended to me by one of my comic book peeps, so I had to give it a try.

Horror comics can be either really, really good, or really, really bad. There really is no in-between for me on this. So I was hesitant, but willing to try this one.

My reaction? “Damn, this shit is sick.” And it is . . . in many ways.

So I have a confession. I think part of my enthusiasm for this comic is the fact that I just visited Glasgow for the first time a couple of months ago. So it was like I immediately had a connection. When I saw the comic art representing a statue with a construction cone on it’s head, I instantly recognized it. So yea, this comic felt right.

And it feels right for more reasons than me having just visited Glasgow. As horror comics go, this is one that fits the really, really good category.

The Art

First there is the art and color by Alex Cormack (A). The character depictions are unique and each one looks like an individual. That might seems like a dumb thing to say, but I’ve read plenty of comics where it was difficult to tell one charter from another. Not with the multitude of characters in this comic.

Next, the gore is definitely gory, and the panels that depict action are full of it. Sometimes to the point it’s hard to no what’s up and what’s down, but in a horror comic that NEEDS, no, HAS to build suspense and fear, this is exactly what the art work should do.

Finally, red is red. Again, an important feature in a horror comic. Horror is dark and sinister, so when red pops into the panel, it needs to be the bright, bloody red we all expect, and Cormack delivers.

The Story

Beyond the art, however, is the writing of John Lees (W). Even though the art is just as important, if not more so, when it comes to horror comics, you still have to have a story on which to base that art. The story first takes us to a critical point, brings us back down with a type of resolution, and then shocks us back to our main characters reality at the end.

The worst thing about this comic? Knowing that it’s a limited series of only five comics. Then again, I’m not sure my heart could take much more.

HATE IT: Dark Ark #1 from Aftershock

Dark Ark #1 coverHate is a strong word, but I gotta admit, it’s pretty accurate to the way I feel about this book by Cullen Bunn (W) and Juan Doe (A). The question is why.

It’s not the art or even the storytelling. For me, this comic loses me with it’s topic. The topic interested me, however, so it makes me wonder if I would have liked it with a different story teller??!! Impossible to say . . . all I know is that it failed to impress me with this one.

Part of my issue is what I perceived as the overuse of red in certain parts of the comic. Red is a powerful color, and I firmly believe that too much can be hard on the eyes and cause a person to not spend a lot of time looking, which when it comes to comics, is unfortunate.

My other issue is just the story itself. I like the idea of there being a “dark ark” that carries the mythical and underworld beast during the 40 day floods, but other components of the story are just off-putting to me. Others will likely love the story.

Until next time.

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