Review: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17 from Marvel Comics

Marvel’s “Freaky Friday” continues as Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder Hadley call in the X-Men in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17Title: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder Hadley
Art Team: Natacha Bustos, Tamra Bonvillain, Amy Reeder Hadley, Travis Lanham
Editor: Mark Paniccia
On Comic Racks: March 22, 2017

Solicitation: Storm and her extraordinary X-Men come to Yancy Street – hope they survive the experience! Lunella Lafayette, a.k.a. Moon Girl, is finally getting the attention she deserves as the smartest in the world… but not all of it’s good, especially when it comes from Victor Von Doom!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17 Review

Normally, I am not a fan of the Moon Girl comic, but I wanted to give issue #17 a try for one reason alone – it guest stars the X-Men.

Art from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17For those not familiar, Moon Girl, AKA Lunella Lafayette, is an Inhuman with the power to switch consciousnesses with Devil Dinosaur; it’s the Freaky Friday of the Marvel Universe!

Lunella has a genius level intellect and has been said to be the smartest person in the Marvel U. Also, she is an inventor on the level of Forge, although most of her inventions look like they came from Data of the Goonies.

In Issue #17, The X-men and Moon Girl travel to one of Forge’s abandoned hideouts (in a record store in a mall of all places) to find an older, duplicate version of Cerebro – which Forge is going to give to Moon Girl. Moon Girl’s trying to track down Dr. Doom and wants to combine her Omni-Wave Projector with Cerebro to track him down.

After combining the two, she accidentally transfers the X-Men back to the 80’s. Not only have they been transported in time, but their costumes and overall looks also change to that of the time period, with Wolverine in his brown costume and Storm in leather and a mohawk.

Verdict: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17

As an X-Man fan, then this will be a treat for you. Its a fun blast from the past with a little nostalgia. But, as a series, I have yet to be sold on it.

Review: Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21 from Marvel Comics

Adam Kubert, Joe Quesada, and friends deliver an explosive new chapter in Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21 from Marvel Comics.

Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21Title: Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Joe Quesada
Art Team: Adam Kubert, Kevin Libranda, Dono Almara, Paul Mounts, Clayton Cowles
Editor: Tom Brevoort, Daniel Ketchum
On Comic Racks: March 15, 2017

Solicitation: The fight to stop the Red Skull spills out of Avengers Mansion and into the streets, but Rogue’s gambit works. When the Red Skull gains the upper hand, Deadpool comes through – with a little help from a few pals. And it’s lights out for at least one Avenger…

Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21 Review

Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21We join this comic in the midst of a battle. The Red Skull, equipped with Professor Xavier’s brain, is mentally controlling the Uncanny Avengers to fight one another. He has reached the pinnacle of the fight – with Rogue pummeling Deadpool.

Deadpool, of course, cannot be controlled by the skull. So as he is lying broken on the floor, he taunts the skull by saying this was a fight he didn’t just rush into, but that he’d planned ahead for. He tells of how he went to Westchester, and (with the X-Men being sentimental collectors) found the means to his end.

Then, he produces the helmet of Magneto, which can withstand the might of a telepath, and places it on Rogues head. Rogue immediately rejoins the fight for good and captures the Red Skull, rendering him unconscious so the other heroes stop fighting one another.

The comic ends with Rogue flying the Red Skull to Beast, telling him to ready for brain surgery. What a great ending!

Does this signal the redemption/return of Charles Xavier? I can’t wait to find out.

Verdict: Uncanny Avengers (2015) #21
4.5 out of 5 stars.