Panel of the Week for April 06, 2018

Gaze into the future at this awesome panel from All-New Wolverine #33 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for April 06, 2018!


Panel-of-the-Week-4-6-18-coverThis reader-submitted Read A Comic Panel of the Week for April 06, 2018 comes from Marvel Comics’ All-New Wolverine #33.

Panel of the Week for April 06, 2018

Title: All-New Wolverine #33
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Ramon Rosanas, Nolan Woodard, and Cory Petit
Solicit: OLD WOMAN LAURA BEGINS! In the not-too-distant future, the world is a utopia where heroes have succeeded in bringing peace worldwide. At the head of this utopia is none other than Laura Kinney, who’s passed on her mantle of Wolverine and is living her best life as Madripoor’s benevolent queen. But a long simmering evil will force Laura, out of retirement and back into the blue-and-yellow. This final journey will take everything Laura has to give….maybe even her life.

It is the future. The world is in a good place and the heroes have seemingly won out against evil. Laura, the All-New Wolverine, is Queen of Madripoor and her sister Gabby now has the mantle of the Wolverine.

But this is the comics. You can’t have a perfect world without a little conflict. Laura has found out that she is dying. Her genetic code is breaking down and as her last act, she wants to save the one person that got away, her sister Bellona.

To do this, she seeks out information from the President of the United States…

All-New Wolverine #33 POTW

And with this panel, we find out that Kamala Khan, Ms.Marvel, is the future President of the United States. That is so delightful and I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job.

With the constant reporting coming from the White House in the real world, it’s refreshing to see a little dignity and poise in the oval office. This is definitely a vision of the future that brings hope and direction and for that, it wins the spot of Panel of the Week!

This week’s Panel of the Week was reader-submitted! Do you feel like you’ve come across a comic that has what it takes to be nominated for Panel of the Week? If so, drop us an email and maybe you’re panel will be featured!

Author: Randy

Randy was bitten by the comic bug when his dad brought home the 1990’s X-Men run of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont. When he’s not busy collecting and reading comics, he spends his days as a Digital Media Producer, then does the world right as a photographer/filmmaker at his own company, Silentflick Productions.

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