Panel of the Week for Jan 19, 2018

Get ready True Believers as we show you this awesome panel from Old Man Logan #33 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for Jan 19, 2018

Panel of the Week 1-19-2018

This week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from Old Man Logan #33 from Marvel Comics.

Old Man Logan #33 CoverPanel of the Week for Jan 18, 2018

Title: Old Man Logan #33
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Ed Brisson
Art Team: Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, Cory Petit
Solicit: SCARLET SAMURAI Part 2! It’s LOGAN versus ninja after ninja after ninja when the HAND attack! Their new leader has it in for our hero, and the SCARLET SAMURAI is willing to do anything to be the cause of Logan’s end.

Old Man Logan #33

Old Man Logan is being run through the ringer. Villains from his past are cropping up to cause him pain and to see him suffer. That villain is a part of the organization called The Hand, and his name is Gorgon. In the past, Gorgon killed Wolverine and resurrected him as a killer agent in his employ. But this time around, Gorgon has done the same to a love of Wolverine’s past, Mariko. Now called the Scarlet Samurai, she attacks Logan and cuts off his right hand, cutting clean through the adamantium.

After some time, his hand heals and he pops his claws once again and we are treated to the surprise of this week’s panel of the Week.


Old Man Logan now has adamantium claws on his left hand and his original bone claws on his right. It’s an interesting development for the aged mutant and also brings with it some amazing art and character development. Because of that, it is awarded with this week’s title of Panel of the Week.

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