Panel of the Week for Mar 23, 2018

Break out your old vinyl records to jam to the tune of Moon Knight #191 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for March 23, 2018!


Panel-of-the-Week-3-23-2018-coverThis week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from Moon Knight #191 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for Mar 23, 2018

Title: Moon Knight #191
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Max Bemis
Art Team: Jacen Burrows, Guillermo Ortego, Mat Lopes, and Cory Petit
Solicit:  CRAZY RUNS IN THE FAMILY Part 4. Sun King and Bushman hit Marc Spector where it hurts the most. Jake Lockley’s dark secret revealed!

Moon Knight #191

Things are not going so well for Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight. He has been trying to come to terms with his multiple personalities, but he has recently found out that one of them has fathered a child with his long time love interest, Marlene. On top of all of that, his new enemy, the Sun King, has captured Marlene, leaving Marc to alone to protect his newfound daughter, Diatrice. So, to bond with his new daughter, they start talking about music…


Diatrice asks Marc if he likes Katy Perry, and in perfect marvel fashion, Marc asks if she likes Dazzler. He then proceeds to break out his old Dazzler records and they bond over her awesome music.

This panel is great because it evokes my actual memories of my parents sharing their older music on records with me when I was younger. Also, little ties like this are fantastic because they subtly tie the Marvel Universe together. So, for the love of classic music and bonding with family, this panel wins the honor of being this week’s Panel of the Week!

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Author: Randy

Randy was bitten by the comic bug when his dad brought home the 1990’s X-Men run of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont. When he’s not busy collecting and reading comics, he spends his days as a Digital Media Producer, then does the world right as a photographer/filmmaker at his own company, Silentflick Productions.

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