Panel of the Week for March 30, 2018

Check out this impressive gem from the team of Ramos, Olazaba, Delgado, and Cowles on Champions #18 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for March 30, 2018!


Panel-of-the-Week-3-30-2018-coverThis week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week for March 30, 2018 comes from Champions #18 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for March 30, 2018

Title: Champions #18
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Mark Waid
Art Team: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado, and Clayton Cowles
Solicit: CHAMPION FOR A DAY Part 3! The new order changeth! After a series of tragic setbacks and shakeups, the Champions are faced with a grim decision – is it finally time to disband and give up the fight?

A great character from The Champions is the Vision’s daughter Viv. Recently, after a battle with the High Evolutionary, she was evolved into a human rather than her former synthezoid self. The story resulted in her returning to Earth as her new human self, but not before her father built another android version of his daughter. Viv 2.0 got a virus and went crazy, attacking her sister and resulting in the demise of Viv 2.0.

But, this issue also resulted in a choice. Viv was given a chance to reclaim her former self and with the help of the Wasp, transfers her mind into her sister’s empty body.

Champions #18 - Panel of the Week for March 30, 2018Champions #18 - Panel of the Week for March 30, 2018

Viv chose not to be fully human in the end, but the experience is what truly defines her humanity. So, for the great story, and stunning visuals, Champions #18 is this week’s panel of the Week.

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