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Panel of the Week for Oct 06, 2017

Spider-Man/Deadpool #22


Spider-Man Deadpool #22 coverThis week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week arrives courtesy of Spider-Man/Deadpool #22 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for Oct 06, 2017

Title: Spider-Man/Deadpool #22
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Elliott Kalan
Art Team: Todd Nauck, Will Robson

Solicit: Arcade’s Murderworld expansion operation continues, and Spider-Man’s the first guest at his second, deadlier theme park! It’s up to Deadpool to save Spidey from Arcade’s clutches, but the question remains… will he want to?

Spider-Man/Deadpool #22

In the comic, Spider-Man and Deadpool teamed up against the machinations of everybody’s favorite villain – Arcade!

With the day won, Deadpool and Spider-Man have to dispatch their villain. It’s their clever way of taking care of him that wins them the acclaimed spot of panel of the Week.

“But how did they do that?” you ask.

Why, by dropping him off at the X-Men’s doorstep – because “he’s somehow become part of the whole X-Men deal.”

Panel of the Week 10-06-2017 detail


Makes sense!

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