Panel of the Week for Oct 13, 2017

We’ve reaching back to the past his week for Fantastic Four Roast #1 – source of the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for October 13th, 2017!

Panel of the Week 10-13-2017

Fantastic Four Roast #1 coverThis week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from Fantastic Four Roast #1 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for Oct 13, 2017

Title: Fantastic Four Roast #1
Price: $0.75
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Fred Hembeck, Jim Shooter
Art Team: Various

Solicit: The Fantastic Four get roasted Fred Hembeck style. The entire Marvel Universe is on hand for the festivities but a dastardly foe is waiting in the wings to spoil the fun.

Fantastic Four Roast #1

Sometimes, its not just the new comics where we can pull inspiration. Sometimes, we search through a longbox of older comics and come across a rare gem that you have never heard of before, but once you see it, you have no idea how you could have ever missed it.

That is where this week’s Panel of the Week comes from. Fantastic Four Roast #1 tells a non-canon tale of the Fantastic Four from 1982 on the night of their celebrity roast. Everyone has come out to make jokes at their expense, but they are also there to show them how much they appreciate them. It’s a fun read!

The panel that takes the coveted spot is actually the cover. There is so much going on and so many characters that you could look at it for hours to examine it, and that’s what makes it this week’s, Panel of the Week!

Panel-of-the-Week 10-13-2017 detail

Can you name everyone on the cover?

Do you feel like you’ve come across a comic that has what it takes to be nominated for Panel of the Week?

If so, drop us an email and maybe you’re panel will be featured!

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Randy was bitten by the comic bug when his dad brought home the 1990’s X-Men run of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont. When he’s not busy collecting and reading comics, he spends his days as a Digital Media Producer, then does the world right as a photographer/filmmaker at his own company, Silentflick Productions.

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