-Spoilers- Panel of the Week for Sep 29, 2017

Gaze in wonder upon this impressive gem from Marvel Legacy #1 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for September 29, 2017!

Panel of the Week 09-29-2017

This week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from Marvel Legacy #1 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for Sep 29, 2017

Marvel Legacy #1 coverTitle: Marvel Legacy #1
Price: $5.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Jason Aaron
Art Team: Daniel Acuna, Jim Cheung, Russell Dauterman, Stuart Immonen, Greg Land, Joe Quesada
Solicit: It begins at the dawn of the human race, and ends with a child’s prayer! In between, empires fall, mysteries brew, secrets are revealed, quests are undertaken and legends are forged! All leading up to the dramatic return you’ve been waiting for — and one you’ve been dreading!

Marvel Legacy #1

There is no getting around it, Wolverine is back and for me, that is the big ticket item.

But, on top of that, he is now in possession of an infinity stone!

Panel of the Week - Sep 29, 2017 detail

That is why his reveal panel is this week’s Panel of the Week!

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