Panel of the Week for Dec 22, 2017

Introducing what could be the coolest character you’ve never heard of but can’t get enough of in Thanos #13 – source of the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for December 22nd, 2017!

Panel of the Week 12-22-17

Thanos #13 CoverThis week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from Thanos #13 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for Dec 22, 2017

Title: Thanos #13
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Donny Cates
Art Team: Geoff Shaw, Antonio Fabela, and Clayton Cowles

Solicit: Ask the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe how they fear the universe will end, and in their most honest moment, they will answer with two words… THANOS WINS. Now… see what happens when he does. PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES!

Thanos #13

Thanos has clawed his way back to power in this issue but it does not go unchallenged. Flying in to the scene, a new (old?) character rides onto the page with all of the cosmic power and destruction one could hope for.

Panel of the Week 12-22-17 Detail

This “Cosmic” Ghost Rider is a great character and has a lot going for him. He is from the future, has chains forged from the bones of Cyttorak, has a piece of the time stone, is a former herald of Galactus, and is probably a future version of an existing character form the Marvel Universe. What more could you ask for for an introduction and character depth?

In this issue, he flies back in time to capture Thanos and take him into the future to meet a very special character. I can’t wait to read more and hope that this version of Ghost Rider sticks around!

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