Panel of the Week for Feb 9, 2018

Tracking down the best moments in comics we find this hidden gem from Doctor Strange #384 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for February 9, 2018!

Panel of the Week 2-9-2018

This week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from Doctor Strange #384 from Marvel Comics.

Panel of the Week for Feb 9, 2018

Doctor Strange #384 cover

Title: Doctor Strange #384
Price: $3.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Donny Cates
Cover: Mike Del Mundo
Art Team: Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jordie Bellaire, Cory Petit, Nick Lowe

Solicit: LOKI: SORCERER SUPREME Part 4! Doctor Strange has acquired the biggest weapon he could imagine to finally take back his Sorcerer Supreme title from Loki. But will it be enough? The life of someone Stephen cares about lies in the balance, and where Loki goes, innocent life doesn’t always stay safe…

Doctor Strange #384

Doctor Strange has an unlimited amount of magic from Yggdrasill, the Asgardian world tree and has returned to Earth to reclaim the title of Sorcerer Supreme from Loki. But, as we have learned from this volume of Doctor Strange, all magic has a cost and you have to take your punches. So, with unlimited magical power, how does one pay that price…?

Panel of the Week 2-9-2018

The answer lies with the all powerful Sentry. With the help of Wong, the former servant to Doctor Strange,  all of the cost of Stephen’s doings are now magically transferred to the Sentry. Wong has done this before, but it was split between a large number of people to lessen the blow. The Sentry, being the all powerful super being that he is, can easily take all of the magical cost and pay the price for Stephen. Also, he decides that it’s a good time for him to catch a nap; just goes to show you how powerful he is.

This was a great way to keep past magical explanations and stories relevant and in continuity. So, for its awesome storytelling and attention to detail, it wins this week’s coveted spot of Panel of the Week!

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