Panel of the Week for Jan 12, 2018

Gaze in wonder upon this impressive gem from X-Men Grand Design #2 – the Read A Comic Panel of the Week for January 12, 2018!

Panel of the Week 1-12-2018

This week’s Read A Comic Panel of the Week comes from X-Men: Grand Design #2 from Marvel Comics.

X-Men Grand Design #2 CoverPanel of the Week for Jan 12, 2018

Title: X-Men: Grand Design #2
Price: $5.99
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story: Ed Piskor
Art Team: Ed Piskor

Solicit: Revisit all of X-Men history with Eisner-winning writer/artist Ed Piskor!!! Relive the biggest moments in X-Men history: The flight of the Sentinels! The discovery of the Savage Land!! The death of Charles Xavier!!! For the X-Fan inside everyone!

X-Men: Grand Design #2

Ed Piskor is doing a daunting task, to write all of X-Men history as on large story. To do so, he is changing some history so things line up for his story, but its interesting to see his vision unfold on the page. But, something in issue #2 caught my fanboy eye.

Panel of the Week 1-12-2018 detail

Blackbird Jet Toy detailTake a look closely at the X-Men’s Blackbird jet. Now, to the untrained eye it may just look like that, a jet. But, to anyone who grew up and played with the toys, it is impossible to not see the toy for the X-Men Jet. The toy was great, it split into three parts and gave you a driving cockpit car, a center command center with missiles, and the back was a glider wing with ejector seat.

If you look closely, you can even see the hinge lines from the toy. So, for this attention to detail and awesome use of nostalgia, this panel wins the spot of Panel of the Week!

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Author: Randy

Randy was bitten by the comic bug when his dad brought home the 1990’s X-Men run of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont. When he’s not busy collecting and reading comics, he spends his days as a Digital Media Producer, then does the world right as a photographer/filmmaker at his own company, Silentflick Productions.

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