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Welcome to another episode of the Read A Comic Podcast on YouTube! Tune in to Read A Comic Podcast 085, to actually watch our show!

We let the cameras roll during most sessions of our show, then release “YouTube” versions one week after the standard audio episode hits all the podcatchers.

GotG Vol 3 Awesome Mixes – Read A Comic Podcast 084

Now you can watch as Randy, Rafael, and Mitch join Phil Your Host to share some favorite comics, and talk this week’s topic: GotG Vol 3 Awesome Mixes!!

SPOILERS ensue – so check the Episode Index, then settle in for…

Note: Read A Comic Podcast 085 originally aired on November 20, 2017 in podcatchers everywhere.

Episode Index

Introductions • Thoughts on Thor Ragnarök • Read A Comic winter programming notes • Brian Michael Bendis’ move to DC • Ragnarök, Vol. 1: Last God Standing (IDW) • Ragman #1 (of 6) (DC) • X-Men Blue • Guardians of the Galaxy • Mighty Thor • Moon Knight’s 1st Legacy issue • TOPIC: Our GotG Vol 3 Awesome Mixes (links to each track on our YouTube Playlist) • Wrap Up


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