Read A Comic Podcast Premier – Sep 18, 2017

Welcome to our new site, and thanks for your interest in the Read a Comic Podcast. The Read a Comic Podcast premiers September 18th, 2017.

Read A Comic Podcast Welcome

Welcome to our new site, and thank you for your interest in the Read a Comic Podcast. Our first official episode – the Read A Comic Podcast Premier – will launch on September 18th 2017.

Warming Up for the Read A Comic Podcast Premier

Launching a new show is a bit of a challenge under the hood – sort of a chicken and egg thing.

It takes a little bit for all those podcatchers out there to A) realize we’re here, so B) they can get used to looking for us, and – more importantly – notifying you automagicaly each time a new show arrives.

So, until we get a few shows under our belt…

…coming here (and watching our social media feeds) will be the best way for you to catch our earliest shows as soon as they arrive.

Until That Time…

Before our September 18 premiere, watch for three “prototype” shows to appear. We’re calling them Comics 101 (parts 1-3), and they’ll serve two purposes:

  1. They’ll serve as a primer for newcomers to the world of comic books, and as a nice foundation to build future episodes upon, and
  2. They’ll assist us in putting the finishing touches on things more “under the hood” between now and our premiere.

Watch for those very soon.

Thanks Again

For our long-time listeners who’ve been waiting patiently – thanks – we hope our reboot has paid off.

For our new friends we met over the summer – welcome aboard, and as always – Here’s to good comics!

Author: The Crew

The Read a Comic Crew are a passionate group of comic book fans whose volunteer efforts help make this site possible. Posts by "The Crew" are co-authored by any number of us.

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