Read a Comic

Read A Comic is the volunteer effort of The Crew – a small group of comic book fans from the Mid-Michigan area.

Our goals are simple – to promote the medium of comics, and to provide solid resources for veterans and newcomers to the hobby.

YouTube Programming

Weekly episodes of Read A Comic are live-streamed every Thursday evening on our official Read A Comic YouTube Channel – and available on-demand thereafter.

In addition, we produce the monthly This Month in Previews, and offer an assortment of unboxing videos and other goodies.

Our History

The Crew started recording the Comics.Community Podcast from Clem’s Comics in downtown Lansing, MI way back on August 15, 2014. Flash forward 80 episodes to 2017, and The Crew were still having fun!

So… they decided to hop on board the pop-culture phenomena of the day by rebooting their show with a new name, AND keeping their legacy numbering!!

Enter the Read A Comic Podcast, which ran for another 30+ episodes until ending with episode #107 at the end of 2018 – when we made the move away from podcatchers to the live-stream format on YouTube.

Follow Read A Comic

While our primary focus is on our show and this site, you’ll also find us at Facebook, Instagram,and Twitter.