Comic Book Resources

The Read A Comic Crew present this affiliate and sponsor-free page of Comic Book Resources in an effort to make locating and learning more about comics you enjoy easier.

Index to Comic Book Resources

Finding a Comic Book Shop Near You

Whenever possible, please seek out and take advantage of your local comic book shop (LCBS). While it’s entirely possible to enjoy comics without one, nothing beats the atmosphere, sense of community, and service a good local comic book shop can provide.

Find Your Local Comic Book Shop

  1. Google It – A simple search for “YourTown, Your State, Comic Book Shops” should do the trick.
  2. Comic Locator Services – Enter your zip code at Find A Comic Shop and Comic Shop Locator, or call 1-888-Comic-Book.

Best Practice:
Directory listings are not always up to date. Always call  ahead to confirm store hours and address.

What to Expect at Your Local Comic Book Shop

We think any good comic book shop will:*

  • Help you feel welcome
  • Have appropriate suggestions at the ready
  • Not make you feel silly for the books you like, or are curious to try
  • Offer a special order service on out-of-stock – but reasonably available – items

*Otherwise, have a look at our Online Retailers and Subscription Services sections below.

Finding The Right Comic Book For You

Coming up empty at your local shop? Looking for more to sample from?

First – seek out a copy of Diamond Previewsthe monthly catalog ofEVERY comic book coming out each month – so many more than what most comic shops can carry.

No local comic shop? You can view each month’s items in Diamond Previews online, but you need to place advance orders through your Local Comic Shop (above), or through a Subscription Service (below).

We’ll toot our own horn now…

If you’re brand new to comics, give Comics 101 a try. This is our three-part series that addresses many of the questions a typical newcomer to comics can be faced with.

We share all kinds of books we like – past, present, and future – in every episode of Read A Comic.

Our YouTube exclusive This Month in Previews (resuming soon) covers our own highlights from the fore-mentioned Diamond Previews Catalog each month.

Favorite Online Retailers & Subscription Services

  • DCBS – Discount Comic Book Service does one thing and does it well – comic book subscriptions and pre-orders. They’re also the sister entity of InStock Trades.
  • InStock Trades – A fantastic source for Original Graphic Novels (OGNs) and collected editions, in both trade paperback and hardcover formats. They’re also the sister entity of DCBS.
  • Lone Star Comics / My Comic Shop – Like midtown above MY Comic Shop has a large back issue selection and offers a time-tested subscription/pre-order service.
  • Midtown Comics – Not only a good source for back issues, but the also offer their own subscription/pre-order service.
  • Things From Another World – Giving you three to try out, TFAW also offers a large back issue selection and offers a subscription/pre-order service.

Favorite Comic Book Columns, News, and Review Sites

Are you hooked yet? Have you found that favorite title, artist, or publisher? Are you interested in learning more about the industry and people in it?

These sites keep us in-the-know on a daily basis: