Love It Hate It: The Weeks #1’s (Sep 27 & Oct 04, 2017)

Rank up to six of the week’s #1’s, then compare the two in the top and bottom position. We call it Love It Hate It for the weeks of Sep 27 & Oct 04, 2017.

My mantra of late has been “better late than never” and I’m sticking to that for the next eight weeks as my day job keeps me hopping from one location to the next, with never enough time in between to ever actually feel like I’ve caught up to Love It Hate It.

But comics . . . well, they help me keep my sanity, so here are the best and the worst from the past couple of weeks. And if you don’t see your picks on here, it’s simply because I wasn’t interested and had to somehow make this manageable. 🙂

The Past Weeks’ Love It Hate It Contenders

So this weeks Love em/Hate em are:

  1. The Tick (New England Comics Press)
  2. Slots (Image)
  3. Glitterbomb: The Fame Game (Image)
  4. Punisher: The Platoon (Marvel)
  5. Spirits of Vengeance (Marvel)
  6. Astonisher (Lion Forge)
  7. The Shadow Batman (Dynamite)
  8. Shadowman: Rae Sremmurd (Valiant)

LOVE IT: The Tick #1 from New England Comics Press

Tick (2017) #1 coverWhat’s not to love about this re-issuing/new beginning of The Tick? I’m guessing it’s come out now in conjunction with the television show, but I’m ok with that. Writers Cullen Bunn and Jimmy Z along with artist Douglas Paszkiewicz and colorist Erika Rolbiecki have created a book that is both fun to read and enjoyable to look at. Let’s start with the art.

The Art

It’s the combination of the way this comic is drawn and the colors that make it a sheer pleasure just to flip through and look at. It very much gives me a sense of nostalgia without taking it to the extremes that some creators do to give one that feeling. It’s colorful without being over the top. Often in a book like this the colors would be vividly bright, to the point of actually hurting your eyes if you look for too long, but Rolbiecki keeps the bright colors without making them eye bulgingly vivid.

Douglas Paszkiewicz’s (A) art is simple without being simplistic. I think there is a difference. The lines are clean and the panels focused. You see exactly what you need to see to know what is happening in this comic without a lot of fluff. I absolutely love the look of this book. Would this work for something like Sink or Slots . . . absolutely not, but it’s perfect for these characters.

The Story

Many would call be a wordsmith in my profession. I teach writing, I write, and I elocute, so yea, words are kinda my thing. So the storyline of this book had me hooked from the moment Tick said “AND PRESTIDIGITATORS ARE TOO SECRETIVE TO EVER TEAM UP WITH ANYONE!” Really? Who uses prestidigitators in a comic? I love it. After Tick’s exposure to gas, he branches out and becomes a connoisseur of the fine arts.

Tick’s adventure along with his sidekick Arthur will take them and us to the one place we all need to go: the origin of Tick. Who doesn’t need to know where the superhero Tick originates from?!! Of course we do, and apparently so do Ninjas and clowns!!

HATE IT: Shadowman: Rae Sremmurd #1 from Valiant

Shadowman Rae Sremmurd #1 coverThis book is beyond bad, and I was not expecting that. The first three pages had me hooked, but when I flipped to the fourth page . . .? It went downhill fast. I’m talking downhill skiing kinda fast. Like whooooooooaaaaaa look out for that tree kinda fast.

So I’m a huge blues fan and the story of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil so that he could play the blues is probably well known to many. So clearly, Eliot Rahal (W) hooked me in the first three pages of this comic with a retelling of this story. The art work of Renato Guedes fits the storyline perfectly. The muted earthy colors and indistinct watercolor style of art works.

But then, it all went so terribly wrong. For me, it’s just a modern day version of a story that is already a classic. Why mess with it? We have the same devil offering the same type of deal to two youngsters. They, unlike Johnson, have no idea what they are really getting themselves into. So when their day of judgement comes, they turn for help . . . Shadowman.

So ok, maybe the story works to a degree, but it’s just not great. What’s even worse though? The artwork. There are several panels where I’m wondering if someone had taken photos of individuals and run them through a filter to get the artwork. It’s not every panel, but it’s enough to make me NOT want to look at it anymore.

So yea, when I really dislike a comic, I REALLY dislike it. This is one of those.

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