Tomorrow’s Top Comics – Oct 18, 2017

Where the Read a Comic Crew shares Tomorrow’s Top Comics – the books they’re most looking forward to in their pull bins for Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

Tomorrow's Top Comics

New comic books hit store shelves every Wednesday morning. That’s why we’re here – the day before – with our picks for Tomorrow’s Top Comics!

Each week, Read a Comic Crew members assemble to highlight the comics we’re most looking forward to in our pull bins. See our favorites for Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 after the fold.*

Cable #150

Cable (2017) #150 coverPublisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Ed Brisson
Art: Jon Malin
Cover Price: $3.99

Solicit: A disturbance in the timestream sends Cable back to the recent past, where he must unravel his latest mystery. But he can’t do it alone. On the trail of a Mutant killer, Cable turns to some old allies and new friends. Get ready for the newer New Mutants!

Randy: Legacy begins for Cable as he starts off a new storyline where he has to put together a new team to take on a mutant killer. Can’t wait!

Kid Lobotomy #1

Kid Lobotomy #1 coverPublisher: IDW/Black Crown
Writer: Peter Milligan
Art: Tess Fowler, Lee Loughridge, Frank Quitely
Cover Price: $3.99

Solicit: A failed rockstar/successful madman gets one last change to prove his worth—and regain his sanity—by turning the hotel that was once his childhood sanctuary into a lucrative business, despite a host of obstacles—including his own sister—who would love nothing more than to see him fail miserably.

Phil: The new Black Crown imprint AND a new title from Peter Milliagn & Rat Queens’ Tess Fowler pretty much cements this on my list. Watch for Black Crown Quarterly soon too!

Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1

Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #1 coverPublisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: David Rubin, Dave Stewart, Mike Mignola
Cover Price: $3.99

Solicit: Lucy Weber, daughter of the Black Hammer, grew up to become an investigative reporter for the Global Planet. Now she’s on the hunt for the true story about what happened to Spiral City’s superheroes after they defeated Anti-God and saved the world. As she gets closer to the truth she uncovers the dark origin stories of some of her father’s greatest foes, and learns how they tie into the puzzle of what happened to Spiral City’s greatest hero.

Phil: More Black Hammer? Sign me up for the first (of several?) spinoff mini-series. Also – probably a good place to jump on board and be ready for the next Black Hammer arc.

X-Men Gold (2017) #14

X-Men Gold (2017) #14 coverPublisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Art: Marc Laming, Rain Beredo
Cover Price: $3.99

Solicit: The Mojoverse continues its bizarre invasion of Manhattan! With reality-warping resources at the tips of his gross fingers, Mojo may finally have the upper hand against our beloved mutants!

Randy: Mojo is hitting the X-Men with all of their “greatest hits” as he is trying to takeover. I’ve not been this excited to read X-Men in awhile!


The above are just a fraction of this week’s books. Check out our resource – Fresh Comics – and let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments!

* Release dates/in-store availability are subject to change. If in doubt – call ahead before heading out to your local comic shop.

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