Tomorrow’s Top Comics – Sep 27, 2017

Where the Read a Comic Crew shares Tomorrow’s Top Comics – the books they’re most looking forward to in their pull bins for Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

Tomorrow's Top Comics

New comic books hit store shelves every Wednesday morning. That’s why we’re here – the day before – with our picks for Tomorrow’s Top Comics!

Each week, Read a Comic Crew members assemble to highlight the comics we’re most looking forward to in our pull bins. See our favorites for Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 after the fold.*

Tomorrow’s Top Comics – Sep 27, 2017


Annual coverPublisher: Image Comics
Writer: Joe Casey
Art: Jim Rugg, Luke Parker, Nathan Fox, Wilfredo Torres, Sonia Harris
Cover Price: $9.99

Solicit: It all starts here: pulp popcorn tale, The Winternational! The Casey/Fox collaboration from Playboy! New-millennium mythology with Jim Rugg! Plus, more all-new material and special features! A once-in-a-year artistic pleasure orgy that you simply can’t afford to miss!

Phil: Writer Joe Casey puts this on my radar, and curiosity about the “annual anthology” format drives it home. Though, if this really is a series, why is it not also a #1, or 2017, or something? Here’s hoping it’s a value at $9.99!

Colder Omnibus TPB

Colder Omnibus TPB coverPublisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Paul Tobin
Art: Juan Ferreyra
Cover Price: $24.99

Solicit: Declan Thomas, the former patient of an insane asylum that was destroyed in a fire, has the strange ability to step inside a person’s madness–and sometimes cure it. He hopes to one day cure his own, but time is running out, as a demonic predator pursues him. Collects the entire Colder series.

Ashlie: Colder has – through its three miniseries – solidified itself as one of my absolute favorite comics. With a very unique horror story to tell from the mind of Paul Tobin, and the visuals brought together by one of my favorite artists – Juan Ferreyra. I rarely run into a series that I’ll push on anyone who will listen, but Colder has always been that way for me. I’m excited to see them bringing the full story together in a single collective volume!

The Dark North HC

The Dark North HC coverPublisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Martin Dunelind
Art: Peter Bergting, Henrik Pettersson, Joakim Ericsson, Magnus Olsson, Lukas Thelin
Cover Price: $34.95

Solicit: Originally crowdfunded in 2015, this illustrated prose/art book fusion features five unique tales ranging from Norse mythology to science fiction. The Dark North showcases artwork by Scandinavia’s leading illustrators and concept artists Peter Bergting, Henrik Pettersson, Joakim Ericsson, Magnus Olsson, and Lukas Thelin, prose by Martin Dunelind, and a foreword by author and filmmaker Clive Barker!

Ashlie: When I saw this book solicited in Previews I knew it was something I needed to own. Dark North is a collection of various takes ranging from Norse mythology to sci-fi and done by some of Scandinavia’s leading artists and designers. I’m really excited to see how the stories read and to see the artwork used. I can’t imagine it’s anything short of spectacular. The deal also get sweetened – for me at least – with the forward being cut by Clive Barker!

Generations: Miles Morales & Parker – Spider-Man #1

Generations Miles Morales Spider-Man & Peter Parker Spider-Man #1 coverPublisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Ramon Perez, Msassyk, Chris Sprouse
Cover Price: $4.99

Solicit: When it comes to problems, Peter Parker’s got it all! Bullies at school, ailing aunt, a doppelganger, crushing responsibility, and – wait, a doppelganger?! Can’t Peter ever catch a break? And what does all this craziness have to do with Miles Morales?

Phil: I’m skeptical this is just a money-grab, but IF it turns out to count for anything on the larger Marvel stage, then it could be one of those books you can’t find for under $10 on Thursday.

Marvel Legacy #1

Marvel Legacy #1 coverPublisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: Daniel Acuna, Jim Cheung, Russell Dauterman, Stuart Immonen, Greg Land, Joe Quesada
Cover Price: $4.99

Solicit: It begins at the dawn of the human race, and ends with a child’s prayer! In between, empires fall, mysteries brew, secrets are revealed, quests are undertaken and legends are forged! All leading up to the dramatic return you’ve been waiting for — and one you’ve been dreading! Marvel Legacy: It’s everything you’ve been longing for — and more!

Randy: Really excited to read the new starting point for the Marvel Universe and see what direction its headed in.

Nick Fury (2017) #6

Nick Fury (2017) #6 coverPublisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: James Robinson
Art: ACO
Cover Price: #3.99

Solicit: The site of a mysterious murder and a mystery the elder Nick Fury left behind! But is there a connection between them, or is this simply a trap for the younger Agent Fury? A mission like no other awaits you in Fury’s latest caper!

Randy: Nick Fury goes to Ravenlock Castle, the site of a mysterious murder. If this book is anything like other books in the series, it will be nothing but enjoyable with some great art.

Royal City Vol 1: Next Of Kin TP

Royal City Vol 1 Next Of Kin TP coverPublisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Art: Jeff Lemire
Cover Price: $9.99

Solicit: Royal City follows Patrick Pike, a fading literary star who reluctantly returns to the once-thriving factory town where he grew up. Patrick is quickly drawn back into the dramas of his two adult siblings, his overbearing mother, and his browbeaten father, all of whom are still haunted by different versions of his youngest brother, Tommy, who drowned decades ago. Collecting issues 1 through 5.

Travis: I misplaced my issue 3 somewhere and have been waiting to read this.

Saga #40

Saga #40 coverPublisher: Image Comics
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Fiona Staples
Cover Price: $2.99

Solicit: In “The War For Phang” Part Four, it’s all fun and games until…

Travis: It’s Saga.


The above are just a fraction of this week’s books. Check out our resource – Fresh Comics – and let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments!

* Release dates/in-store availability are subject to change. If in doubt – call ahead before heading out to your local comic shop.

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