Temporary work

Temporary work: What is that?

You are wondering what personnel service providers (often also called rental companies or leasing companies) do, and what does a job as a temporary worker bring you? We would be happy to explain to you.

The term temporary work describes an employment relationship between two companies and an employee. Temporary workers make a service contract with the recruiting company but work in another company where the manpower is needed.

Important for you: The personnel service provider is and remains your employer with whom you conclude the employment contract, but your place of work is in company XY. Also, your salary will be paid by the recruitment agency!

Temporary Employment Services – Who is my employer? - Motor Industry Staff Association

The triangular relationship of temporary work

Temporary work is normally a three-way relationship in which three parties are involved:

  • The temporary worker
  • The recruiter
  • The Employer

Temporary work offers an opportunity for the following groups of people:

Temporary work offers great opportunities for anyone who is only looking for a job temporarily. For example for:

  • Students
  • Pensioners
  • Military and civil servants
  • Persons on leave

Also for employees, like:

  • Academics
  • Technician
  • Clerk
  • Office workers

For everyone who experiences placement disadvantages, such as:

  • Inexperienced workers
  • Returners
  • Generation 50+

That brings temporary work for employees

Gathering specialist knowledge

With the possibility of changing work assignments on request, temporary workers have the opportunity to get to know different companies and thus continuously expand their own specialist knowledge.

Work Placement Program

Large funding offer

In cooperation with the SWF (Social and Further Education Fund), personnel service providers can support you in your targeted further training and personal development. Many temporary workers do not know that they are entitled to free education and training. Ask a recruitment agency you trust.

Jobs you wouldn’t get like this

A particular advantage of the personnel service providers is that they offer jobs that are not advertised anywhere else by companies. Many large companies only hire their staff through personnel service providers and do not advertise many positions at all.

Better chances on the job market

Recruiters work closely with well-known and large companies and thus enable access to many jobs. For many people, temporary work is the leap back into the world of work. For example, the long-term unemployed find their way back into regular employment.

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